Effective Brand Awareness Strategies

Presenting a brand consistently across all platforms can increase revenue by up to 23%. Consistency is a #1 strategy for leveling up your branding awareness. People respond negatively to a change if it’s frequent and seemingly aimless. A purposeful rebranding is completely okay, but you shouldn't frequently change your brand image over and over again. Your target audience must be able to recognize your brand in 10 or 50 years' time.

Need to Know About Social Media Marketing

The trick to social media marketing is knowing the foundations of what makes it work so well. Making money for your business is a huge pro (and what might be your goal on paper), but social gives companies an opportunity that was harder to come by before smartphones became our best friends. With social media, you can develop a relationship with your audience in a way that wasn’t possible before Facebook went viral. We get to use social media to talk to our audience and show them we really know our stuff. The right social media marketing strategy speaks to your cold, warm, and hot leads on one platform.