Entrepreneurs Having the Necessary Skill Sets

The all-around nature of the entrepreneur is mainly because there is nobody else to do the job. Either the job has not yet been filled, contracted out, or there is not enough capital to cover a full-time employee for the role.

To keep up with the requirements of the job, the entrepreneur has to know something of everything. This can be accomplished by being involved with the right people who’ve had enough practice and excellent work experience, by working with the right people such as professionals/consultants, or even by outsourcing some business functions to a third-party provider.

Moreover, they can also keep their skill set updated with the latest trends in startups by picking up new and valuable skills. Fortunately, there are a lot of blogs aimed at the entrepreneur, which can greatly help startup founders keep up with the latest trends and learn new skills necessary for the job, or roles necessary for the business.

Below are 40 blogs about or related to startups that you should be following and reading split into four categories:

  1. Startup (General): These blogs range from generic business blogs to tech-centric and industry-specific startup blogs. Read the following for your daily dose of entrepreneur inspiration.
  2. Venture Capital and Finance: Arguably, the best sources of advice about startups are entrepreneurs who have worked and are working with startups. Subscribe and interact with these VC bloggers to learn how you can successfully run your own business.
  3. Marketing & Sales: As a startup founder, one of your primary concerns is making a business out of your solution or service. While you can hire an agency or an employee with marketing and sales capabilities, it pays to know the current trends, rules, and best practices in these fields.
  4. HR & Management: One of the biggest challenges for startup founders is attracting and managing competent employees. Luckily, there are many HR and management blogs specific to startup you can subscribe to.