KitCat APP Partnership Investment

Welcome to Ainetx Private Limited, 

We are technology company and we have created most suitable and best business plan to invest you in our plan , We are discussing about Kit-Cat Application which is based on entertainment platform with news section and it has also website, this is open market investment for our Kit-cat application, you can our Invest on our Kit-cat app & Become Business partner by purchasing little Stock of our APP. 

Let Discuss About Our Business Plan :


About Us : We are Private Limited Software Company Based on India, We are Providing Following services to Our Customers in General in India and also Out of India, Ainetx Private Limited has two Directors Mr. Prashant Lilhare and Mrs. Kalavati Lilhare , We are Fastest Growing Software Company who have done most of biggest projects in small time, About our services details are given below :

1. Website Development

2. App Development

3. Software Development

4. Game Development 

Our CIN No is : U72900CT2020PTC010714

Our Kit-Cat Official Website : https://selftube.online

Our Kit-Cat App Link : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ainetx.app

Market Analysis :

We have Analysis market for entertainment but we found sexual content everywhere which is not too good for our mental thinking process , that's why we have build secure and content  protected and best application with news section to gain batter knowledge about world and country and also entertainment.

Organization and Management : 

We are private limited company which is based on India. Our operational address is Balaghat (M.P.). We having largest team which works for us (Right now working on work from home). We currently  having

1) 80 Sales Expert

2) 8 Team Leaders

3) 4 Division Manager

4) 2 General Managers.

We also having huge number of People , who working with us as an affiliates , they will get their affiliate income of sales , and having good team of developers.

Services and Products : 

We have Application which is based on entertainment services with some specific features, these features are : 

1. Like, comment and engage with content.
2. Instagram like animated, double tap to like.
3. Clutter-free playback and recording modes.
4. Login with Facebook, Google, and SMS
5. Follow, unfollow your favorite creators.
6. Language selection screen to prefer local content.
7. Direct one-to-one messaging.
8. Send cool stickers in chats
9. Block or unblock users.
10. Share links or videos directly to social networks.
11. Choose music from phone, library or existing video.
12. Recording with start/stop timer.
13. camera filters.
14. Request verifications with ID upload.
15. Best Interface
16. Apply filters to existing videos.
17. Slow-motion and other video speed options.
18. Image to video Features with filters
19. See videos and read news.
20. Speed video loading

Also we promote others services and increase sales using our Application. People can promote their products and services on our platforms to grow their businesses. 

Marketing & Sales : 

We already  having good team to sale products and also we promote it on social media platforms and digital marketing platforms , these platforms are : 

1. YouTube Influencer Channels 

2. Google Ads 

3. Facebook Ads

4. Social Media Posting (LinkedIn , Twitter, Instagram , Facebook, Etc.)

5. Promotions on News Channels.

6. Our Promotion Team

Required Funding : 

We Required almost 2 Crore INR to Grow This business and give best result and become best brand in world market.  

We have divided it into 1 lakh authorized share and now we are only selling 10k shares and value of each shares will be 2k , Once company will grow your shares price also will grow , so market is open now you can start purchasing shares from our company and become partner of We-Mart App. we grow this application fastest and once you will partner of our application , you will also part of our achievements.

Why we need amount : 

To establish it and done its marketing , promotion and development and team buildings and other official requirements , it will be completely based on artificial intelligence in future and to become biggest market brand.

why you need invest : 

If you will become our business partner , you will get % of return of your investment and also if you will get opportunity to grow your career and business skills with us . this investment will help you grow your future.

what is our future plans : 

1. We have planed to open our branches outside of India in 4 countries like USA, UK, Singapore, Switzerland.

2. We will promote our application in international level and our partners will get opportunity work with us on international level.

3. We have planed to execute this plan in over all India & above countries before 2025.

4. Our Plan will connect in future with advanced Artificial Intelligence.